Policy statement

To be the proficient ICT/ Telecom and efficient energy system and services provider for the market, we want our customers to always think of Aasania as their trusted partner. We will meet this vision by providing:

  • Technically superior ICT/ Telecom and energy solutions and services
  • Meeting our commitments to ourselves, our customers, partners, and to our community.
  • Excellence in customer support through highly competent and motivated professionals.
  • Our aim is to fully satisfy our customers through the quality of our solutions and services.
  • Our Board of Directors, senior management and staff members are responsible to ensure improvement in the quality of service provided to our customers.
  • Our objectives, directives, and procedures are based on international and national standards, customersatisfaction, and our knowledge & experience. Compliance with these directives and procedures is the foundation of our quality.
  • To keep improving the efficiency and productivity, Aasania believes in continuous quality improvement reducing the chances of failure in the future.
  • We apply preventive methods systematically to assure quality. This is done through failure avoidance, learning from mistakes, and eliminating the root causes of mistakes.
  • Our partners contribute substantially to the quality of our products and services. Therefore, our partners exhibit the same quality standards we have adopted.