Simplipher; A simple connection that
“Serves all servings, works for working”


The evolution of smart devices and digital interfaces has necessitated an ecosystem of mobile users with broadband access to enhance quality of life and work providing equal opportunities for growth to all. Software defined anything, internet of everything, virtual clouds and personalized content are the key enablers for new global socioeconomic development model that transforms and redefines the way we create, communicate and consume. The prime business technology focus is to make the services as accessible and as personalized as possible by introducing user centric mobile applications and smart services which are attractive, interactive and operative by all.

“Simplipher” is a value added composite service mobile application; developed with a concept of digitally empowering service providers and customers including users with disabilities. The proposition for accessible integrated services mobile app is based on progressive technological initiatives, smart service offerings and corporate social responsibility compliances.

Simplipher being a unique, evolving and globally adaptable mobile application, mainly focuses on home & asset management, health & safety, travel, lifestyle, education, appointment scheduling, emergency access and business services.

The challenging aspects of service discovery, service selection and service composition have been keenly focused while developing Simplipher to best meet composite service functional & non functional requirements of all intended app users.

  • A resourceful platform to meet personal & professional service needs conveniently
  • An effort to achieve maximum possible inclusion for global socioeconomic development
  • A smart step forward to reach out for accessing the least accessed
  • A digital way to assist users in connecting with nearest resources and service providers An initiative opening new possibilities for business growth and service enablement
  • An interface of interfaces, a service of services and an application of applications

Simplipher is a simply accessible composite service mobile app catering for utility, productivity and personalized service requirements connecting technology to technology, business to business and people to people.