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Wireless / IBS Installation Technician

Positions Available: 06


  • Provide Service Delivery work installing and maintaining new cell site and DAS equipment from channel card elements up to complete new cell site and DAS installs.
  • Installation of wireless equipment - routers, DC, CPRI, alarms, RF, CMROs, etc.
  • Develop proficiency in basic electricity, basic electronics, basic telephony, radio principles for CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, and basic principles of digital transmission, fiber communication, data communication, telephony terminology, industry standards, and on-line network control/maintenance systems.
  • Develop proficiency with use of relevant wireless tools and test equipment.
  • Able to trouble shoot AC and DC power systems.
  • Experience with backup power solutions and battery installation.
  • Experience with equipment trouble shooting both power and fiber.
  • Installation and upgrades of new components.
  • Performance testing and reporting of alarms, fiber and system performance.
  • Experience installing hybrid trunks, fiber, over voltage protection, remote radios, wiring, fiber cleaning, and trouble shooting
  • Installation of RF antenna system components, fiber, power, coax, connectors, grounding, mounts, weather proofing, hardware, etc.
  • PIM, Sweep & Fiber testing experience
  • Read and implement project drawings and specifications.
  • Capable of identifying essential materials and tools to carry out scope of work.
  • Capture and prepare required close out documentation from the field correctly.
  • Capture and prepare required close out documentation from the field correctly.
  • Prepare materials for projects daily


  • Previous experience working wireless networking systems.
  • Ability to identify all colors associated with telecommunications cable and equipment indicator lights.
  • Must be proficient with PIM testing, Sweep testing and Fiber testing.
  • A valid driver's license and the ability to drive long distances on and off road.
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
  • Ability to work in remote and challenging locations including, but not limited to: rooftops, vaults, and all types of geographic locations.
  • Ability to climb ladders and steep staircases.
  • The dexterity to connect and disconnect various sizes and types of electronic connectors.
  • Intermediate to Expert computer literacy skills: able to utilize multiple applications, draft emails, manipulate Word and Excel, and have general proficiency with a lapto

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